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опубликовал Papashultz 11-01-2022, 18:34
Хочу представить Вам Дорогие Друзья Саундтреки к 2 Сериалам исполнених нашими хорошими знакомыми. Группа Calibro 35 и Christian Kjellvander & Martin Tingvall .
опубликовал Papashultz 8-01-2022, 16:26
Приятное открытие для меня. из всех нашедших альбомов самый хороший. 

Jazzbois Дамы и Господа !
опубликовал Papashultz 6-01-2022, 20:31
Старый Знакомый нашего сайта. 

“When we recorded Salute to the Sun, I wanted to create something playful but also quite earthy and organic that connected to the sounds in nature. It seemed to strike a chord with people and I was blown away by the response to the album. Our concert film, recorded at the height of last winter’s lockdown was a special moment for us all and I feel that the concert recording captured something beautiful that we wanted to share”.
опубликовал Papashultz 5-01-2022, 06:29
A singer-songwriter and producer from Georgia, Tamada is named after the traditional Georgian table host, or toastmaster: the one who presides over banquets and conducts the evening’s salutes, songs and stories. The album revolves around Tamada’s songwriting combined with various elements from different electronic sub-genres. Both highly experimental & wildly catchy. His lyrics resemble toasts in ancient Georgian, touching on current social issues and romantic sentiments. Tamada is still searching and experimenting, an ongoing process that is unlikely to end..

Lasha chapel before starting his new project ‘’Tamada’ used to be known for his minimal beats combined with bluesy vocals, which he performed at major festivals around Europe. Sometimes, he played traditional Georgian songs towards the end of his sets, or for his friends. “It was more like a joke, but people loved it, and eventually I realized that this was my true passion,” says Chapel. “We are nothing without our roots” & ‘’it’s very easy to yield to westernization, So now I do not have anything to escape from’

After Spending 10 years abroad between Latvia & Germany, Lasha returned back home to Tbilisi to connect more deeply with his roots. He thinks everyone should leave their hometown for a while & return. To appreciate the beauty that we usually take for granted.
опубликовал Papashultz 5-01-2022, 06:01

"Rob Mostert and his Dutch Organ Group added their own elements to the
music and the results are fresh and exciting."

Hammond B3 virtuoso, recorded by Rudy Van Gelder. It's a truly buzzing album; influenced by great artists such as Jimmy Smith, Jimy McCriff, J.S. Bach, en Herbie Hancock and inspired by his surroundings, Rob recorded an album with Rudy that howls, moans, and swings like no other. 
опубликовал Papashultz 30-12-2021, 20:21

      Дорогие мои Друзья! С наступающим 2022 Годом! Здоровья, Счастья и Мира Вам и Вашим Семьям! 
опубликовал Papashultz 26-12-2021, 18:52
Уважаемый Anshot Раз пошла такая Клаптониада то внесу свой маленький вклад...
опубликовал Papashultz 24-12-2021, 10:44
  Просто Хорошая Музыка для Настроения...
опубликовал Papashultz 10-12-2021, 17:33
 Старые Друзья вновь снами...
опубликовал Garik 3-12-2021, 10:07
Выходящий сегодня на самом деле сборник 23 вещей Нильса с 2012 до 2021 годы, слушается не хуже полноценного альбома имхо.

"It still feels like my universe, though, and I’m proud that all these things which I never found a way to unite before now work together. It’s like I tossed flowers indiscriminately into a vase and then realised it looked exactly right."

P.S. pianomusic в telegram
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25 мая 2022 15:39
Хорошо!... но по отдельности лучше!
28 апреля 2022 00:11
Хороший грув!
13 апреля 2022 04:53
разрыв тупого руцкого шаблона - эт нормально ;)
10 апреля 2022 18:45
U2 - Walk on Ukraine