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Nils Frahm - Late Night Tales (2015) / modern classical, electronic, classical, soul, jazz

опубликовал Garik 10-09-2015, 10:22
Nils Frahm is the latest participant in the Late Night Tales mix series. The Berlin-based composer's mix is out on September 11. Frahm contributes "4:33", a cover of John Cage's "4'33"", and a "Solo Piano Edit" of his own track "Them". The mix also contains music by Four Tet, Boards of Canada, Bibio, Colin Stetson, Nina Simone, and two tracks by Miles Davis. It closes with "In the Morning", a new spoken-word piece by Cillian Murphy.

Frahm shared a statement about the mix's release:
I’ve really got off on working on compilations lately. It’s such a wonderful way to delve deep into your music collection. My flat is now crammed with music media of all stripes, from an old hand-cranked 78 phonograph player to 45s and albums on vinyl, my beloved old cassette tape collection, even mini-disks and, lately, WAV and MP3s. It’s all music to me. After spending hours recording from all of these diverse sources, I started to play around with the tunes, layering them, sampling, looping certain parts, extracting phrases and using all the freedom that this allowed me. If I got a little carried away or stepped on anyone’s toes in my quest to do something interesting and original, then I apologise. Some things may have accidentally landed on the wrong speed, while other spooky happening have occurred along the way, whether it’s ghostly additions of reverb and delay or simply subtle edits or reproductions, they've all gone into the magical stew I've tried to create for your pleasure and edification. I can’t tell you how much fun I've had creating this compilation for you but, suffice to say, I hope it will be a nice journey for your mind and heart.
Frahm joins Late Night Tales contributors like Jon Hopkins, Belle and Sebastian, Flaming Lips, Metronomy, Air, and MGMT.

01 Nils Frahm: "4:33" (Exclusive John Cage cover version)
02 Baka Forest People Of South East Cameroon: "Liquindi 2"
03 Carl Oesterhelt / Johannes Enders: "Divertimento Fur Tenorsaxophon Und Kleines Pt.4"
04 Four Tet: "0181"
05 George Autry: "You're The Only Star"
06 Boards of Canada: "In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country"
07 Bibio: "It Was Willow"
08 Dictaphone: "Peaks"
09 Vladimir Horowitz: "The Flight Of The Bumble Bee"
10 Miles Davis: "Concierto de Aranjuez"
11 Victor Silvester & His Ballroom Orchestra: "Talk Of The Town"
12 System: "SK20"
13 Rhythm & Sound: "Mango Drive"
14 Miles Davis: "Générique"
15 Dinu Lipatti: "O Herr Bleibet Meine Freunde BWV 147"
16 Colin Stetson: "The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man"
17 Penguin Café Orchestra: "Cutting Branches For A Temporary"
18 Nina Simone: "Who Knows Where The Time Goes"
19 Nina Jurish: "Cleo The Cat" (Exclusive track)
20 Dub Tractor: "Cirkel"
21 The Gentlemen Losers: "Honey Bunch"
22 Nils Frahm: "Them "Solo Piano Edit"" (Exclusive version)
23 Cillian Murphy: "In The Morning" (Exclusive spoken word piece)

modern classical electronic classical soul jazz
Комментарии к новости
greenlis10 сентября 2015 12:17
Невероятная серия! Предвкушаю.... Спасибо
yanagisawa10 сентября 2015 16:48
Аксьон Директ
stereoskopik10 сентября 2015 19:53
Может у кого есть полное собрание этих чудо компиляций? Мои канули в лета вместе с жестким(
Terry11 сентября 2015 10:19
Что-то я обленился следить и релизить этот сборник.
Неплохой получился у этого дядьки микс, такой мягенький, мягенько так раз (с).
Только вот мне непонятно, какого маржового, почти все те исполнители, которые участвуют в сборнике Сказок на ночь любят вставлять Four Tet, прям очень часто где он у кого вылезает, думаю это не спроста.

У меня есть, хотя с другой стороны на рутрекере, почти все лежит, у меня какая то часть во флаке, а что-то в 320.
Papashultz13 сентября 2015 11:05
Запоздалое Спасибо!
ктотычтоты26 сентября 2015 09:14
Спасибо, шикарный у него вкус.
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