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Richard Bona "Bonafied" (2013) / jazz, world fusion

опубликовал Garik 22-04-2013, 08:55
This album is dedicated to my Grandfather (my mentor) who saw the musician in me when I was only 3 years old and decided to build me my first instrument... That's how this whole trouble started...:-)) I have been fortunate and blessed by the music and mostly by my #1 supporter "my MOTHER".
I hope i can live up to everything she taught me... Still a long way 2 go... :-))
I like to thank all the incredible musicians and technicians who contributed to this project, making a dream come true. My Family: Leo, Christelle, Ninjaboy, Julienne, Magali, Agnes, Vincent, Gilles, Arnold, Florine,James, Annekei, for your love and CARE. Thanks to my Manager LINDA GOLDSTEIN and her whole Staff of wonderful people, Karen Goldfeder, Nahana Schelling, Fred Miller, My attorney PETER ALLAN for watching over me since I arrived in NYC. My accountant MITCH ATTAS for watching over my biz. My Booking Agent Katherine McVICKER. My record company UNIVERSAL MUSIC FRANCE with Pascal BOD and Yann Olivier and their staff. My "attachee de presse" Muriel VANDENBOSSCHE... from 1999... Merci. To my friends: Mamadou BAA, Bela BOWE, Sylvain LUC, Quincy JONES, Bruno BOULAY, Adam FELL, Gil GOLDSTEIN, Rod & Kathleen Temperton, Allan SIDES, Mike and Leni STERN, Greg CALBI, Wulf MULLER, Daniel BOIVIN, Marc BERTHOUMIEUX, Lolo, Jeannot KOTTO, Gilbert GUETTA, Yves de MBELLA, Edith M Din, Obed CALVAIRE, Morley KAMEN, ATN "chicken" STADWIJK, Adam "happy jew" STOLER, Sian POTTOK. I'd like to thank the amazing musicians and friends that support my new PROJECT (MandekaN CUBANO), Mike "cabeson" RODRIGUEZ, Luisito "mel chulo" QUINTERO, Osmany "nguem" Parades, Roberto "wha ur name" QUINTERO, Ozzie "zzziiiiii" MELENDEZ. Last but not least, a massive thanks to my fans AROUND THE WORLD FOR YOUR ULTIMATE SUPPORT AND LOVE. what can i say... "life is good". PEACE. Richard Bona

1. Dunia E
2. Mut'Esukudu
3. Akwappella
4. Janjo La Maya
5. Mulema
6. Uprising Of Kindness
7. Tumba La Nyama
8. Diba La Bobe
9. La Fille D'A Côté
10. Socopao
11. On The 4th Of July

jazz world fusion
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balloombeck22 апреля 2013 09:56
Омайгадбл!!!Гарик, спасибо за новость!
Дарзи22 апреля 2013 10:54
Ура-ура-ура! Лучший понедельник в 2013! wink
balloombeck22 апреля 2013 11:41
Цитата: Дарзи
Ура-ура-ура! Лучший понедельник в 2013!

Papashultz22 апреля 2013 11:52
hochumuziku4 ноября 2014 20:34
Круто! Спасибо!
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