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Marcus Miller – Renaissance (2012) / Fusion, Jazz-Funk

опубликовал Nikols 31-05-2012, 14:01
Marcus Miller – Renaissance (2012) / Fusion, Jazz-Funk

Marcus Miller last studio album (Free) was released five years ago in 2007. Personally I had no idea of what to expect from this new one but I have to say that it totally exceeded my expectations. Let's finish the trash talk and get to the important thing.
Get a look at the cover and the track list. In this album Marcus Miller plays bass, fretless bass, bass clarinet and acoustic bass. With the collaboration of his band and other artists he managed to make a wonderful album that you must hear.
Listening to Renaissance for the first time you feel all the jazzy power that comes from Marcus. We start with some funky jazz grooves in Detroit, Redemption, February ans Sleeping into Darkness. Then we get some rocky jazz in Jekell & Hyde, Interlude - Nocturnal Mist and Revelation. At last we get some sentimental musics, Goreé (Go Ray) and I'll Be There. Putting labels in all this songs can be a bit exaggerated but i think this album shows all the versatility that Marcus has in his composition capabilities.
Now lets talk of specific musics. My favorite it's without any doubt Revelation. Marcus Miller does an excellent performance playing the bass clarinet followed by some very good distortion guitar solos. There's no doubt that this music has it all. Talking about distortion I have to mention Jekell & Hyde where there's a distortion bass in the end. That's not very common in Marcus but I have to say that it sounds very good. Another music that i want to talk about it's Mr. Clean. At some point we hear a very funky bass groove that just remembers me of the beginnings of Stanley Clarke in "We Suplly". Another influence is Jaco Pastorious. Tell me, do you "hear" him in Revelation and Goreé? At last the album ends with I'll be There, a very good solo bass music.
In conclusion, I think that Marcus went to his origins where he were extremely influenced by Jaco Pastorious and Stanley Clarke, as every bassist of that time. This time we can't blame him, he did it very well and included his own style perfectly in every music. Well done Marcus!


Marcus Miller - bass, fretless bass, bass clarinet, acoustic bass
Louis Cato - drums
Kris Bowers - piano, fender rhodes
Adam Agati - guitar
Alex Han - alto sax
Maurice Brown - trumpet
Federico Gonzales Pena - fender rhodes, piano
Adam Rogers - guitar, acoustic guitar
Sean Jones - trumpet
Gretchen Parlato - vocals
Ruben Blades - vocals
Ramon Yslas - percussion
Bobby Sparks - organ
Paul Jackson, Jr. - guitar
Dr. John - vocals


01. Detroit
02. Redemption
03. February
04. Slippin' Into Darkness
05. Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song) [feat. Gretchen Parlato & Ruben Blades]
06. Jekyll & Hyde
07. Interlude - Nocturnal Mist
08. Revelation
09. Mr. Clean
10. Goree (Go-ray)
11. Cee-Tee-Eye
12. Tightrope [feat. Dr. John]
13. I'll Be There

Format: mp3/CBR320 + FLAC
Size: ~ 139 Mb

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danc31 мая 2012 15:50
спасибо за Маркуса нашего Миллера:)!
уже даже не верится, шо я его живьем видал когда-то

классный концерт с участием Арчи Шеппа Jazz Sous les Pommiers France (19.05.2012)

(Marcus Miller - bass, bass clarinet, Maurice Brown - trumpet, Alex Han - saxophone, Kris Bowers - keyboard, Adam Agati - guitar, Louis Cato - drums, Archie Shepp - saxophone)


Tutu здесь - хороша!
McCoy1 июня 2012 12:45
Оххх-хорошо, ххх-для ушей) пасиб!
Егор Трубниковъ
truba275 июня 2012 08:26
вот что люблю из джаза, так это фьюжн и джаз-фанк) ну, и "кто на басу?", конечно, решает. спасибо, это просто отлично. +
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