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V.A.-But Then Again(2004)(~scape)/ambient,dub,minimal

опубликовал brom2002 6-07-2008, 05:18
V.A.-But Then Again(2004)(~scape)/ambient,dub,minimal
Recording artist Pole�s own imprint ~scape records has slowly but steadily built a back catalogue that specializes in wonderful juxtaposition, yet retains an enormous amount of depth and emotion, with most artists approaching their work very much from a dub influenced school of thought. The compilation begins with the science fiction dub mastery of Thomas Fehlmann, a figurehead of the electronic scene that has survived all manner of genrecides. Here he delivers a piece that is drenched with syncopation and style, sounding surprisingly like a theme tune to a 2005 version of Blade Runner, and truly displays just why he has remained so popular over the years. Mike Shannon�s �Remembrance� offers a solid abstract groove that is somewhat spoiled by jumbled and unfocused vocal harmonies. Veteran John Tejada opts for well rounded simplicity and style on �Many More�, with clean waveforms echoing amongst sharp electro snaps. Not ground breaking by any means, yet a perfect showcase of his clean and focused production. Deadbeat�s �We Like It Slow and Steady� introduces a wonderful swung dub groove, with a stark introduction leading into the lush bliss-out dub of the track proper. Bus and Dabrye�s �What is Paris?� features Tadd Mulinix�s signature off-kilter drum programming and sparse funk production trademarks, yet never seems to find its stride. Triola�s �Neuland� features soft drones that counter simplistic chiming melodies and an eventual swung funk feel, whilst Jan Jelinek�s �Western Mimikry� impresses with splintered acoustic elements that help to weave a magnificent and tangled web of timbres and dynamics. A marvelous deconstruction of the source recordings of various guitar elements. Epo bring us �Doorstep� which deceives at first with synthetic sine kicks, to uncover a PJ Harvey-esque tuneful ditty with effected guitars and grimy warbles. Andrew Pekler and Triosk both contribute wonderful gritty jazz-tinged pieces, with the former utilising junk percussion and murky dissonance to great effect, and the latter making use of warm vibraphones and haunting Rhodes chords. Always well considered, and showing stunning use of constraint, �..but Then Again� is a rarity in that it is a label showcase compilation that for once encapsulates the whole idea and notion of a label so perfectly even though it refuses to be constrained to one particular style.

Barry Handler

ambient dub minimal
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alexuzb16 августа 2008 02:49
А если б по русски, да ещё и трек-лист положить,
то глядишь и посетители б появились, а может
даже что-нибудь и в коментах написали б...
=120,2Mb CYBER
brom200221 августа 2008 09:04
Повторяю второй раз.Мне кажется,список композиций можно легко проверить на discogs.com.Или же вам купить конфетку,развернуть,да в рот положить?Пожалуйста,уважайте людей,которые стараются и выкладывают здесь музыку и пр.А то получается так,я ищу музыку по магазинам,покупаю,рипую,оформляю,закачиваю на хорошо,а вы приходите и недовольны,что трэклиста нет,хотя найти его в нете можнo за 30 сек.
Ага,ты хочешь,чтоб я ещё тебе и рецензию перевёл?!Бред!!!Сам-то хоть что-то сделаешь или всё за тебя делать?
tushka 4414 января 2009 19:57
а я с уважухой - беру ...
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