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VA "Erased Tapes Collection III" (2011) / electronic, cinematic, contemporary, post-rock

опубликовал Garik 10-08-2011, 17:33
Dazed Digital: What would be your mission statement with Erased Tapes?
Robert Raths: I feel like an explorer that comes home from a long trip to bring back exotic spices in the shape of new music. Everyone should be able to relate to this sensation, when you first experience something otherworldly. Once you’ve discovered it, you just can’t imagine life without it. Or as Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: ‘A mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.’ And it’s a feeling that I’d like to share. Because I always fear that otherwise this music might remain undiscovered.

DD: With the different acts that feature there’s timelessness to the music, is that an immediate feeling you get from your artists?
Robert Raths: Sure. I guess it’s the way I read music. I look out for the little things. Mostly the gaps in-between the lines, consciously left blank so that people have room to let their imagination run free.

DD: Do you consider yourself a young label? I say that because it seem that you approach the label with a certain young, DIY ethos mixed with an older school aesthetic?
Robert Raths: I think the label has a bit of a DIY character due to the fact that I never planned on running one. My background lies in architecture. It somehow works as I’m used to developing many aspects within one project – treating every single one of them with the same attention and enthusiasm. As for the old school aesthetic, all I can say is that I’m a very hands-on person when it comes to packaging. I definitely believe that there’s still value in physical things, like letters, books, papers, records, something tangible. At the same time I’ve always embraced new technologies and ways of communicating. I believe in the fusion of the traditional and digital.

DD: What do you find most inspirational about the artists?
Robert Raths: Their restraint, decisions that benefit the atmosphere of the concert or the recording. When tiny little flaws, like the ones you spot in the people you get to love, become unique footprints that distinguish them from others. When they don’t just think about their own musical abilities, but start thinking about the instrument and the room they play in, its acoustics and its history. I also can’t wait to reveal our latest signing. It’s some sort of harmonic Robitussin in the shape of a monolith, straight out of Stanley Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey”. And I guess as long as I feel this way about the music we release we will be alright.

Erased Tapes Collection III by erasedtapes

1. World's End Girlfriend – Teen Age Ziggy 4.58
2. Nils Frahm – Unter 1.37
3. Nils Frahm & Anne Müller – 7fingers
4. Rival Consoles – I Left The Party 5.17
5. Codes In The Clouds – Washington 4.27
6. Ólafur Arnalds – Hægt, kemur ljósið 5.25
7. The British Expeditionary Force – Crack In The Clouds 3.36
8. Codes In The Clouds – Distant Street Lights (iambic Remix) 5.37
9. Nils Frahm – Said And Done 3.08
10. Peter Broderick – Part 4: The Dream 4.51
11. Rival Consoles – Jan (Bonus Track) 4.11
electronic cinematic contemporary post-rock
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Егор Трубниковъ
truba2711 августа 2011 08:34
первый трек веселости небывалой) ну и интересно, да, не пластмасс
возьму, пожалуй
svin11 августа 2011 15:20
автору не сложно будет сложить все в одну кучу?

или где тут ссылка на все треки сразу
Garik11 августа 2011 21:34
в релизе было написано:

Всё это можно скачать абсолютно бесплатно если зайти на http://ddc.erasedtapes.com и ввести MY-FREE-ERATP030
svin12 августа 2011 05:01
ya glupiy i slepoy, vinovat
Garik12 августа 2011 12:21
я этого не говорил, скорее невнимательный ))
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