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The Residents - Postcards From Patmos 2008 (experimental)

опубликовал malihan 7-08-2009, 14:11
The Residents -  Postcards From Patmos 2008 (experimental)

The Residents have released a CD collecting some of the new music from The Bunny Boy internet series. Deeply abstract and moody.

1. The Winged Serpent Repents To The Father
2. Soulless Flies Visit The Graves Of Ancestors
3. Cold Metal Strikes A Soldier's Bible
4. Stained Hands Pass The Silverware
5. I Wish The Remote Could Control Me
6. Fabrics Drape The Unseen God
7. There Is Power In The Chord
8. Silk From Spiders
9. Green Feathers And The Blood Of Circumcision
10. Knees Bent, Toes Painted Orange

Label: Ralph America
Country: US
Released: 03 Oct 2008
Genre: Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style: Industrial, Abstract, Soundtrack, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Minimal
Формат: MP3 320K/s
Размер: 121 MB

The Residents entered the world of electronic synthesis in the 1970s during a time of legendary exploration and growth. When pioneers like Robert Moog and Don Buchla were creating analog synthesizers that were finally affordable for the masses, The Residents eagerly became one of the earliest groups to embrace the new technology.

While recording The Bunny Boy album, The Residents employed an arsenal of digital synthesis equipment. However, when the time came to score the Internet series, the mood of the series seemed to call for the older analog synthesis that they had not used in decades. Enthusiastically unwrapping their older instruments, the group soon discovered that, other than the occasional and humorous oscillator drift, the instruments all worked perfectly. Of course, being out of tune was not considered a problem.

To supplement their own collection, The Residents turned to old friends who had also kept some of their original analog units. Then, combining their new analog experiments with organic location recordings from their collection, the group quickly assembled these soundscapes to support the darkly humorous images found in The Bunny Boy videos.

The Residents had come full circle, and again experienced the pains and joys of broken patch cables and dirty pots.

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maldoror8 августа 2009 09:22
хороший кролик - мертвый кролик :-) спасибо за Резидентов! а где сам мульт можно посмотреть - киньте ссылку если есть
усталыйстранник стрихнин
lee basket9 августа 2009 15:52
ya ya эта новость красит сайт не популярными релизами для редких ценителей - спс
malihan9 августа 2009 17:46
Цитата: maldoror
а где сам мульт можно посмотреть - киньте ссылку если есть

Да там собственно и не мульт, а целый сериал из 66-ти серий. Точно ссылку не помню, но можно найти на их официальном сайте www.residents.com
Немного терпения - выложу весь сериальчик.
fhfr45621 августа 2009 00:19
fezer4118 октября 2009 18:37
Собрать бы все альбомы THe Residents!
Antosha Chehonte2 апреля 2011 18:57
Такая музычка по мне.
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