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опубликовал Garik 24-03-2013, 10:28
James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk "The Watchers" (2013) / experimental, continuous music piano, 12 string guitarБританец James Blackshaw, на 12 струнной гитаре и собственной техникой игры, пианист Любомир Мельник, в два раза постарше, с своей техникой звукоизвлечения 'continuous music' - оба еще композиторы (а Джеймс еще и владеет фоно), по словам Джеймса "не-импровизаторы", но данный альбом - результат именно импровизации, 4 темы в среднем около 10 минут каждая, по факту трудно передать получившийся результат и отнести его к какому то стилю, чуваков куда то уносило, то вместе то раздельно лётали, кто скажет как это называется - спасибо ))

We set up, Lubomyr at the grand piano, me directly facing him with my 12-string guitar and began. I would retune at random between songs and together we would find interesting chord progressions, hints of melodies and ways in which to weave those immense overtones that Lubomyr is able to generate on the piano with those of my guitar. No more than two takes per song. Improvisation, spontaneous composition, whatever you want to call it. Either way, it truly felt as if the piano and guitar were as one - inseparable, parts of a bigger whole, a means by which for two people to make one sound. It never felt forced and never less than engaging. Lubomyr was always humble, jovial and open to ideas. The whole session lasted six hours.